Kick Flip

I really enjoy watching people who know what they are doing on top of a board and a great way to pass that to the world was making this website full of awesome details and gather a group of guys that love the sport as much as I do. We want to bring you the full experience and we hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

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We have put together the best team to compete. We strive to further the sport and make it exciting to watch and experience.

Frank Trevino

Our youngest skater with much to show.

Mark Smithson

Always pushing his limits and the boundaries of the sport.

Vladimir Starko

One of our veteran riders. Hes been around for years.

Concrete Waves. The surf is always perfect here on the streets.

We encourage our riders to be free spirited and enjoy their riding and lives. We do not want them to feel like this is their job. Instead, they should never work a day in their lives. Kick Flip is here to assist in the success of our skaters.

Large or Small. We love them all.

Here at Kick Flip we know that riders often aspire for greatness even at a young age. If we see potention in a rider, then the age means so difference to us. Having a well rounded team with great competitors is what is most meaningful.