In the Beginning

I came into this world on the raining early morning of January 4th, 1993 to a young couple, Marc and Brenda Sanchez. I was the first child and ended up being the only child of the two. They always tell me though that they knew I was something special right from the day I was born.

The Early Years

I was a courious child and that often led to lots of questions and getting myself into some trouble every once in awhile. I always loved to tinker with things and try to take objects apart and learn how they worked inside. My favorite toys growing up were always legos and K'NEX. I had boxes full of them and I'm sure my parents will never forget the many times I left a few laying around and they stepped on them. Most importantly though, this is the time in which I realized I loved problem solving and hands on activities. Even though I got a lot of satisfaction by creating something out of smaller blocks.

The Teens

Through junior high and high school, like most kids, I was heavily involved in sports but during this time I found myself very interested in computers and on top of that I found out I was pretty good at trouble shooting and figuring out how to fix problems with almost anything. Soon I was fixing electronics problems around the house and became interested in always having the latest and greatest piece of technology. My father and I are able to bond over this and I accredit a lot of my problem solving skills to his upbringing over the years and him making me critically think situations. He never just handed over the answer. I had to work for it. Now, even at school I was working on the Defiance High School web site and I found out I was pretty good at that as well. Since these years I have loved technology and knew I wanted to do something with it for the rest of my life.

"Going Away to College"

Starting off college, I still was not too sure what I wanted to do with my life and to be honest I had never heard of computer science. I started my first semester as a Chemisty major in hopes of doing research as a career but I soon realized this was not the right fit for me. I then remembered how much I had enjoyed doing the high school website the years before and I did some research to stumble upon computer science. I think changed my major and after the first class I felt right at home and the rest is history.